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List of Online Pinoy Reformed Bookshops

One of the marks of many reformed Christians is the love of reading. Reformed Pinoys are not an exception. The right books allow us to enjoy the company of the great saints, theologians, pastors and preachers who have recorded their wisdom in their writings. One of the problems we face though is the difficulty in getting our hands on reformed books here in the Philippines. To help the reformed Pinoy we have come up with a list of sources of reformed books locally.

Before we go on with our list though, we want to acknowledge that Delighting Grace has already produced a more complete list here. The sources we are listing here are those that we have personally encountered or transacted with.

First in the list are the main bookshops who maintain sizable inventories of books:

  • Puritan Project Philippines is a distributor of books mostly of the Reformed and Puritans and other contemporary authors that promote the teachings of the Puritans. They have a good selection of books in their inventory and often selling books at cheaper prices locally than what they go for at RHB! You can order directly from their page (recommended) or go to their Shopee store.

  • Paulo's Library is a Cebu-based bookseller. They have a wide range of reformed books available in the country and occasionally offer installment plans for Puritan Paperback sets!

  • Coram Deo Books is a "A Reformed Literature Distributor that strives to make available God glorifying books and resources." CDB sells hard-to-find reformed books almost at cost.

In addition to these three main online bookstores, there are some Filipino ministries who publish books directly including some original works, making them available locally at inexpensive prices.

If you are looking for Journaling Bibles, Tolle Lege Books specializes in these.

There are also used or "preloved" book sellers in the Philippines who carry reformed books. Hop on over their pages and check their inventory regularly. These are:

Some pre-loved book sellers have both reformed and non-reformed books, so you just have to spend time to look. These are:

Finally, there are some sites that cater to pasa-buy or pre-ordering of books from American reformed Christian bookstores:

We hope this list helps you in acquiring that reformed book you are looking for. Happy reading!


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