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About Us

Who We Are

Reformed Pinoy is a ministry of Spirit Filled Community Church in Las Pinas. What started out as a side hobby of one of our elders have grown into a ministry guided with the following objectives:

1. To serve as a portal for Filipino reformed resources. Reformed Pinoy's main website serves as a portal for articles, essays, sermons, poetry, and other reformed resources written in the Filipino context, in Tagalog, or by Filipino writers. In this regard, we are open to submissions from reformed Filipino writers, bloggers, theologians, and pastors. We are very thankful for all the pastors who have graciously allowed us to put their works as content in our site.

2. To promote reading of reformed books and materials among Filipinos. While we adhere to the principle of Sola Scriptura, we recognize God's gift of teachers and pastors to the church, many of whom, in God's providence, have left us their works in form of books throughout history. These books are not meant to replace the bible us our final authority but are instruments in helping us understand the bible more. When we read and study these books, we are riding on the backs of theological giants in history to help us see the messages of the scripture farther and and with more clarity. Because of this, Reformed Pinoy is aiming to stimulate reading and studying of solid reformed books among Filipinos by:

  • distributing for free (via raffles, contests, workshops and direct distribution) at least 1000 books per year in the near term.

  • translation of puritan excerpts, reformed bios, and reformed devotionals that are already in the public domain.

  • promoting Filipino reformed online bookstores.

3. To promote reformed activities such as workshops, seminars and conferences in the Philippines. We would like to use our page as a portal for promoting these reformed activities and God-willing to support them financially or with books. If you have any upcoming activity, kindly send us the details and we will share in our page. If you inform us at least two months in advance, we may be able also to provide some free books that you can raffle or give away (for example, to early birds) for your activity. Please send us a message on our page for these.

4. To have fun. Everyone needs a laugh. We are serious-minded people who at times don't take ourselves too seriously. So if you find memes in our page, please lighten up and have a laugh.

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