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Building Up Your Library on a Budget

It is beyond doubt that the reformed pinoy loves books. Few things make us more excited than getting a box from J&T containing a bunch of theological or puritan works. Unfortunately, it is also a hard reality that the kind of life we have in our country does not always provide us with an excess budget to buy books. Inflation is always a problem and there are always more important bills to pay and budget for.  Add to that the costly price of quality theological books available locally which makes it difficult for the reformed pinoy to purchase books and build up their personal libraries.

In this article, we would like to provide some tips on how to build your library without having to break your wallet. There are ways for us to have access to books without sacrificing our budget for our next meal.


Go Digital

One of the easiest ways to build up a library is by collecting e-books.  Here are several sites that provide free or cheap e-books for your library:


Buy Them Cheap or Get Them Free

Here are some ways to help build up your physical library:

  • Chapel Library. Sign up and they will give you a 20$ credit per month which you can use to “buy” a book and get some booklets. They will ship for free! Doing this monthly can easily add 12 books a year to your library without any cost. Also most of the books on the site can be downloaded and can add to your digital library.

  • Local resellers that provide cheap books:

  • Booksale. While it is often difficult to find quality reformed books in Booksale, spending some time combing through the piles of books will yield a treasure once in a while.

  • Treasuring Christ PH. This ministry offers translated and local reprints of some reformed books at a much cheaper price! Many of their resources can also be downloaded.

  • CGM Literature. Among their local reprints are reformed books such as What is Reformed Theology by RC Sproul, Puritan Portraits by JI Packer, and Hole in our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung.

  • Join raffles! Many local pages such as iDisciple Philippines, Kian’s Trove, and (we heard) Reformed Pinoy conduct raffles once in a while.


We hope that these resources help you build up your library and stir you up to more readings and study. Just remember that reading is not an end in itself and is meant to be an act of worship. So the more books we have, the more we study, and the more we worship and glorify God. Soli deo Gloria!


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