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The Sin of Pride in Church Office

Power and authority in office are good things. They come from God our Lord and Creator. He has the ultimate and absolute power and authority ruling in everything and over all things for His glory (cf. Rom. 11:36).

Those of us who are in church office have been given delegated power and authority by the Lord. This God-given privilege to be in office has a purpose. It is for the service of God and for the good of His people.

As church officers, our authority is for the edification of God's saints. It is done by faithfully teaching them the Word of God, providing them oversight according to the same Word, and equipping them to do the work of ministry.

Church office is not for our personal advancement or agenda although when we are faithful in exercising our office we are also benefiting from it personally.

In my years of ministry in the church, one of the strong temptations that I constantly encounter is the sin of pride. Pride is an excessive preoccupation with self and one's status, success, performance or possession. It attacks in various times and in different areas in the ministry.

Pride does not only come when one is blessed with many accomplishments and successes. It also strikes even when one faces failures and disappointments.

It is easy for me to feel elated when someone gives a sincere compliment. Although I usually acknowledge the favorable remark with gratitude, yet deep within me there's a latent principle at work that inflates my ego as if telling me, "You're really great!" I hate this monster when it surfaces from my inmost part.

However, even when I am faced with valid criticism and outright rejection, the shadow of pride also comes out from the chamber of my heart. Again in spite of the fact that I am always ready to admit my sin and weakness, there's somehow a part of me that easily dismisses or rejects rebuke or correction. I don't like that attitude as well for I know that, too, is a form of pride.

I am reminded of the ancient wisdom I've read from another servant of Christ who's fond of calling himself "servus servorum Dei" (Servant of the servants of God). When he was writing to the pastors of the church, he said that the preacher should always remember his humble beginning so he does not boast in his life or preaching.

This man of God has admitted that pride is a constant temptation to every pastor-teacher or elder in the church, especially when he is a gifted one. Thus he has to remind himself of his many weaknesses before God so he learns to continually humble himself.

God does sanctify His servant but He often leaves him with imperfections that the servant might learn to despise himself and to seek continually the grace of God and not the flattery of men.


Posted with permission from Ptr Vic Bernales, Pastor, Davao Covenant Reformed Church

Original from a Facebook post here.


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1 comentario

31 oct 2022

It's so hard sometimes for Pastors to accept correction. I admire the writer for being honest and revealing your imperfections publicly especially pride. God bless.

Me gusta
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