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Reformation in Society and Church

With what’s going on in our country, politically and religiously, many have been talking about change, improvement, and reform.

We want change. We want our government to act deliberately as the institution that protects the welfare of the people and not the few only. We want those in positions of authority to promote the good and the general welfare of the citizens and to restrain evil and wickedness in our society as the ought to do according to the Word of God.

Right now, we see less of that yet. Yes, we have seen some progress in infrastructure. Airports, roads, and bridges are being built here and there. We also have noticed more efficiencies in some government offices. The last time I had my driver's license renewal it took me about 15 minutes (which used to be days) to get a new card. My new passport expires in ten years (which used to be five years only). These are small advancements that we should be grateful of.

We still see, however, the proliferation of corruption and inefficiencies in the government. It's been 36 years after the so called “EDSA Revolution” and we are expecting a well-developed, peaceful, and orderly country. We're hoping that the leaders and our people have learned the lessons of history.

That’s not the case, however, dear friends. There are areas in government that need to improve still in delivering the services for the welfare of the people, in protecting the innocent, and in prosecuting the guilty.

I hope and pray that true and sustained reform will really take place in our country. May the Lord raise leaders and government officials who are godly and will truly serve for the good of the people. As we pray, may the Lord guide us in choosing our representatives and rulers in the next election.

Along those same lines, we can also talk about reforms that need to be done in the religious sphere. For a long time, churches and religious leaders in our country are more interested in the approval of men than the approval of the Lord. Some have sold their birthright for the porridge of popularity and material gains, forgetting that the Lord wants more holiness and faithfulness in His house than worldly wealth and accolades.

One can't help remembering the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century Europe. Men like Martin Luther and John Calvin and John Knox were used by God to bring reform to the church and even in the society. Using the Word of God as their light and guide, they exposed the abuses, the errors, and the false teachings of the medieval Roman church. Their reformatory works in the church have affected the society as well.

Using the spiritual weapon God has given to His people, the sword of the Spirit that pierces the hearts and consciences of men, the holy Scripture, they preached the eternal message of God - the gospel - to the people of God and implemented reforms in the church. As a result, the church of Jesus Christ – and the world for that matter – has never been the same. The enduring effects of the Reformation are still felt by us today.

However, there is still a need for further reformation in the church of our Lord Jesus Christ. We still need revival in the area of prayer and preaching of the Word, in holiness and obedience on the part of God's people, of devotion and commitment to God and His work and not only in social or political spheres but also in cross-cultural missions.

It is my longing and prayer that the Lord would grant His mercy to us as His people in this country, seeking to see His name being honored more and more, and seeing more transformation and development in our government and in the church of the Lord Jesus. Would you join me in this cause? May the Lord hear our plea!


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