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No concern for the gospel

Then Pharaoh turned and went into his house with no concern even for this. Exodus 7:23

We won’t live that long here on earth. We live according to the limits of time and eternity is hanging over us. How are we to make of this life that God has given us? Indeed, we need to be wise, and wisdom tells us that we need to think about the end of our soul. Have you ever thought about this? Do you have concern for your soul?

In the passage that we have above, we see a man, prestigious in himself, rich in every way, and respected by his people, yet has no concern for his soul. It says that he went home with no concern for this, referring to God’s outstretched arm when he turned the Nile river into blood. And God was right about him since Pharaoh’s heart was hardened and did not listen to them (v. 22).

Though he saw God’s miraculous work through Moses and Aaron, he had no concern. Though the LORD told him what will befall him if he refuses to let His people go, He had no concern. Though he knew what the LORD can do, He had no concern.

My friends, if you are to be concerned about anything above all else, be concern about your soul and what the Word of God says about you.

You have seen and heard more than what Pharaoh saw and heard. You know that your sins incur God’s judgment and wrath. You know that your good works will not merit God’s favor. You know that Christ’s righteousness alone fulfilled God’s righteous demands. You know that Christ’s blood alone can atone for your sins and take away God’s wrath. You know that true peace can only be found in Him. You know that you need to repent and believe in the gospel for the salvation of your soul.

After all of this, are you still not concerned about your soul’s eternal destiny? Are you still not concern about your sinful life under the hands of the Angry God? Are you still not concern about truth that should pierce your soul? Are you still not concern about the gospel of Jesus Christ which is the only remedy for your guilty and wicked soul?

Think about your soul and what Christ has done on the cross to save a sinner like you. Think about your eternal portion and see what God has prepared for those who harden their hearts like Pharaoh. Think about your earthly portion and how it amounts to nothing apart from Christ.

Why are you still not saved? Oh friends, may it not be said of you, “after hearing the gospel preached and seeing the Word of God on his apps’ feeds and walls, he had no concern for the gospel.”

Repent, turn to Christ and be saved!



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