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Can I claim to be a Christian

Can I claim to be a Christian,

and love not to read His Word?

Do I not esteem the Son of Man,

That I neglect to know my Lord?

Can I claim to be God’s child,

And desire not to pray?

Before the Throne of grace should abide,

Choosing rather, with the world, to play?

Can I confess myself wholly His,

When on this earth I chase vanities?

Would I really exchange the Lord's bliss,

To gain the world’s dung and cruelties?

Can I claim to be born again by God

And hate my brother and sister?

Brethren whom the Lord bought with blood,

Can I despise them and commit murder?

Can I claim to be saved by grace,

And yet withhold the same mercy shown?

Allowing pride and envy a place,

Or even neglect the Gospel to be sown?

O, His goodness and His grace,

To my sin I'm worn and resent!

O, the beauty of my Savior's face,

To my sin I mourn and repent!


Edited by:

Bro. Joshua Eliaquim Ramos


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JeffChavez 1689
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