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Power of Gadgets and Social Media

We live in a culture dominated by electronic gadgets and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) in the worldwide web. The images and information they convey bombard us every day.

Some of these images give us the impression and the idea that image is everything and that what really matters are those that you see (and some of what's being posted in social media are untrue).

These images also feed our desire to have more of the world's stuff, as in the case of advertisements. Often times these ads bring dissatisfaction or discontent when certain want or desire is not met.

Electronic gadgets and social media are becoming new idols of our time. At times they are fooling us and trying to enslave us with their enticing promises of connectivity, convenience, better life and pleasure. What they usually do is detach us from reality and from people close to us.

Not only that. Sometimes they also distract us from the things that really matter, which things are essential in life and are to be seen and pursued not with our physical eyes but with our spiritual eyes, that is, faith.

Nurturing meaningful relationships in the family and in the church, and personal sanctification, for example, are sometimes forgotten when we're so dependent on our gadgets and engrossed with social media.

Just like the Israelite in the Old Testament who abandoned God and served the idols of the nations, we are being enticed to abandon God and our devotion to Him once these technological advancements are not put in their proper place.

So how should we deal with this present technological and cultural reality? As Christians in this age of social media and information technology, we should not underestimate the progress which these technological advancements bring. We should acknowledge that these have legitimate value and uses that would serve a higher end.

However, we should not forget the power of these things in hindering us from fulfilling our calling as the people of God before the face of God in this world.

These technologies therefore should never stand in the way of our devotion to God and service to our neighbors, especially to those who are in the household of faith. We would be better stewards of these things if we know their power and limits and their legitimate use relative to our calling as God's people.

Social media and the internet may serve the purpose of our calling if we view them as means to serve God and promote His glory and not as idols whom we should serve and bow down to every day.


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