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A Secret of Overcoming the World

Many of us went on struggling against sin and temptation, against the world and the devil even during pandemic and lockdown. The dread of coronavirus may have prevented us from doing many things, such us seeing frequently our love ones in-person. Unfortunately the lockdown hasn't hindered us from committing sin and yielding to the world's temptations.

This recent pandemic may have prevented us from seeing the world and going to places but it did not stop the world and its ungodly desires from advancing, even entering and conquering, our sinful hearts and minds.

The battle against the flesh (our old sinful nature), the world, and the forces of hell has not abated since lockdown due to this pandemic. For many, the struggle has become intense. It becomes deadly and tiring.

I know some friends who were besetted by discouragement and their remaining sin during lockdown, even until now. Their struggle against worldiness and besetting sin becomes "bloody" that some of them have gone to the brink of depression.

I pray for them. I ask the Lord for daily strength in the battle against sin and worldliness and for holiness to be upon them. I know that the Lord is able to equip us all for battle as He grants us His daily grace, helping us to always fix our eyes on our Lord Jesus Christ, who saved us and clothes us with His righteousness.

Christ also continues to intercede for us at the Father's throne (Heb. 4:15, 16). He does this to remind us that in our daily battle against the sin, against the world, and against the devil, we are not alone. We have our high priest praying for us that we may be supplied with the needed strength and back up in the battle.

You may wonder what's the secret in overcoming sin and worldliness. Thomas Chalmers, one of the founding leaders of the Free Church of Scotland, has this to say:

"The best way to overcome the world is not with morality or self-discipline. Christians overcome the world by seeing the beauty and excellence of Christ. They overcome the world by seeing something more attractive than the world: Christ."


Posted with permission from Ptr Vic Bernales, Pastor, Davao Covenant Reformed Church

Original from a Facebook post here.


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